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Entrepreneurs that aim to change the world

Entrepreneurship is the result of the concern of a person who, individually or in group, identifies and develops products or services that can help meet needs, desires or solve problems. That’s what I want to talk about today, people with concerns that have decided to turn their ideas into projects that aim to change the […]

Bitcoins or virtual coins, opportunity or threat?

In recent months, much has been said about Bitcoins, or virtual currencies, and their ability to have authorities and investors on the verge of hysteria. But let’s start at the beginning to get to our own conclusions: what are Bitcoins? And above all, when can they be used? These virtual currencies, which for some, are […]

Google´s technology patents

Google, this prestigious technology company, the main subsidiary of the American multinational Alphabet Inc.,specialized in products and services related to internet, software and other technologies, appeared almost by chance in the hands of two university students and in its beginnings it only offered an Internet search engine. Just in a short time this search engine […]

The keys to understand the Forth Industrial Revolution

We are immersed in a technological revolution that is changing many things, especially the way we live, relate and work. A really complex change, whose reach goes beyond anything that we have experienced before. A change marked by the new digital, physical and biological technologies that economists have called: the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The change […]

The future passes through smart cities

New technologies have brought great change in recent years. And above all, has made possible a new industrial revolution, the so-called fourth industrial revolution, mass digitization of processes and services. Many of the futuristic films we saw just a few years ago, incredulously proved the prediction of what today are our days, or will be […]

Keys to the trend: “uberization” of businesses.

Besides a few controversies and a lot of detractors, Uber has become one of the most valuable companies in the world of mobile applications. The impact of its success is not only because it manages astronomical numbers, but also, it brought down barriers and created a new trend. Thanks to that, we talk about “uberization” […]

5G, the Future of Wireless Networks

Internet has become an essential part of our life and we work with it every day. Today, we already have many connected devices: computers, telephones, cars, televisions, but soon we will also see connected: our refrigerator, the kitchen cupboard, even the clothes we are wearing. Our whole environment will be connected to the network. In […]

The great challenge of industry 4.0

Industry 4.0, also called cyber-industry or intelligent factory, is becoming a fashion-expression in the business world. But, what is this all about? Digital transformation is creating a great impact in the company organization, production and management of the relationship with clients. The digital marketing, the Web and the mobile devices caught our attention during the […]