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Smart ports, a very present future

A few months ago, I spoke to you in an article that The future passes through smart cities. Well, the different technologies implemented in the Smart Cities, have their natural translation in the ports, we speak then of Smart Ports. New technologies are slowly developing and opening up a range of sustainability-related functionalities, implementing more […]

Transforming education through technology

With the digital revolution, all areas have suffered and are undergoing a gradual transformation. And education shall not be the exception. The use of new technologies has represented a real revolution in education, transforming what we had done for centuries. The pencil and paper era are behind, we now use tablets and tactile pencils. In […]

ICT solutions for HR management

The progress of technology advances with giant steps, causing a great impact in all industries and sectors, which reaches and produces adaptive solutions for companies. The departments of human resources are not an exception to this reality. Long, very long is the path that has been taking place since those days when the personnel were […]

Technologies that will be developed in 2018

We could say that the past 2017 has been a bittersweet year for the technology industry. This is because throughout the year we saw new and great devices that came to the market, some predictable technological advances and also important failures. But that is the past, already immersed in 2018 the question is, what will […]

The impact of Blockchain on logistics

Surely there were many times that you’ve heard that Blockchain is a revolution in economics and the key to future. And that’s right. In addition, if we talk about sectors such as logistics, its impact will be brutal… But, do you really know what Blockchain is and why is it the key to future? What […]

Eco-innovation as a tool to be more competitive

Innovation is the key for the future of our business. Without innovation, we can hardly survive in the complex environment in which we are immersed. One of the fields in which we can apply innovation is what we call eco-innovation. In this sense, we talk about all forms of innovation, both technological and non-technological, that […]

Future Professions you don’t know about

Many times I have spoken to you of the great speed at which new technologies advance. World changes so fast that I am sure that there is somebody in your immediate environment of whom you do not really know what his or her job is about (SEO, Big Data, Machine learning, cybersecurity, business intelligence, etc.). […]

Entrepreneurs that aim to change the world

Entrepreneurship is the result of the concern of a person who, individually or in group, identifies and develops products or services that can help meet needs, desires or solve problems. That’s what I want to talk about today, people with concerns that have decided to turn their ideas into projects that aim to change the […]

Bitcoins or virtual coins, opportunity or threat?

In recent months, much has been said about Bitcoins, or virtual currencies, and their ability to have authorities and investors on the verge of hysteria. But let’s start at the beginning to get to our own conclusions: what are Bitcoins? And above all, when can they be used? These virtual currencies, which for some, are […]