Bitcoins or virtual coins, opportunity or threat?

In recent months, much has been said about Bitcoins, or virtual…
16 October, 2017/by Ignasi Sayol

Google´s technology patents

Google, this prestigious technology company, the main subsidiary…
7 September, 2017/by Ignasi Sayol

Marea, the submarine megacable of Facebook and Microsoft that will connect Europe and the United States

In previous articles I have talked about big data, cloud computing,…
7 August, 2017/by Ignasi Sayol

The keys to understand the Forth Industrial Revolution

We are immersed in a technological revolution that is changing…
6 July, 2017/by Ignasi Sayol
boton rojo de google

Google´s Red Button to stop machines from rebelling against humankind

Artificial intelligence is perhaps large companies most important…
6 June, 2017/by Ignasi Sayol
ciudades inteligentes

The future passes through smart cities

New technologies have brought great change in recent years. And…
8 May, 2017/by Ignasi Sayol

Keys to the trend: “uberization” of businesses.

Besides a few controversies and a lot of detractors, Uber…
30 March, 2017/by Ignasi Sayol

5G, the Future of Wireless Networks

Internet has become an essential part of our life and we work…
6 March, 2017/by Ignasi Sayol
Indústria 4.0

The great challenge of industry 4.0

Industry 4.0, also called cyber-industry or intelligent factory,…
6 February, 2017/by Ignasi Sayol

Machine learning in a logistics company

Machine learning refers to a set of techniques that surround…
3 January, 2017/by Ignasi Sayol

Anticipatory Shipping: The Amazon patent that allows sending products before the users have even purchased them.

Advances in technology and innovation make the future we saw,…
30 November, 2016/by Ignasi Sayol

The 8 fundamental keys for successful entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is, without a doubt, one of the most important…
2 November, 2016/by Ignasi Sayol
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