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3 interconnected technologies that will mark 2019

Technology has become a key factor in most human activities. This generates an important effect on human behavior, consequently in activities in all areas and systems.

Being aware of the technological updates, can positively support us, in the strategic development around the company. Knowing and “following the steps” of technological development leads to familiarization and understanding of new tools and ways of doing things, which have the potential to project effective initiatives into the future.

In 2019 we will see interesting breakthroughs in technologies that gave a lot of talk in 2018.

Here the 3 interconnected technologies that will mark 2019 and that we have to keep track on them:


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence has been targeted by the technological achievements of 2018, although the development of its potential is just beginning. Artificial intelligence has made it possible for machines to learn by implementing data in their systems, with the aim of performing tasks, similar to those of humans.

This development has had a great impact and has even become part of our daily life. Many of the apps we use today: Facebook, Google Maps, and even driverless cars; depend to a large extent on this technology.

Video: Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR) (https://www.facebook.com/FacebookforDevelopers/videos/10155612743423553/ )

Google Maps & AI article  https://www.europapress.es/portaltic/software/noticia-google-presenta-innovaciones-ia-aplicadas-maps-assistant-lens-20180508205538.html


In 2019: AI smarter with the help of the GANs.

One of the objectives of the AI development, although it may seem obvious, is to make artificial intelligence increasingly “smarter”, which is not an easy task. Towards this goal, in 2019 we will see the development and application of the so-called GANs: Generative Adversarial Networks. These networks have the function of facing a type of “duel” between two AI to complement and learn from each other. It can be used to detect real or false images, voices, videos, etc. This development has important applications, but it is undoubtedly a great innovation for online verification systems. This technology can supplant the CAPTCHA verification system found in many sites.

Online verification is only one of the possible applications, as GANs are intelligent systems, they can be used at any sector and domain. Giants such as Amazon and Alibaba are interested in the development of this area of innovation.

Video GANs


2019 a year of data, data and more data. Data analytics & Machine Learning.

The main axis of many of the technological developments and trends in digital transformation is the development of data analysis and machine learning. The correct use of data now more than ever, is the key for making decisions about products, services, employees, strategies, in a few words, the present and future actions of companies and organizations. This fact will not slow down in the short term, on the contrary, we are beginning the era where data becomes a vital asset for the advancement of business, economic and political systems.

Recent data has shown that between 2017-2018, 90% of the world databases have been created; they also indicate that only 1% is used effectively. There is a long way to go to discover the potential of the available data and the data that is being collected. But by increasing the power of data processing, machine learning capacity is increased and therefore Artificial Intelligence and its applications will continue improving.

Video Data Analytics 2018

Internet of Everything (ioE)

The amount of things connected to the Internet in 2008 exceeded the number of people on earth. By 2020, 50 billion things are expected to be connected, and this goes beyond the Internet of Things (IoT) and becomes the Internet of Everything (IoE). The ecosystem of IoE will connect the physical and online world in a way that we never imagined. All aspects of our life will have the opportunity to “connect” and as a result, society will become increasingly driven by technology.

Automation will acquire a new meaning, the value of data management will be accentuated by the richness of data and the artificial intelligence will ingest them to generate information and intelligent results that we have never seen before.

Video IoE


The beginning of the human API.

The transformation that is foreseen with the development of the IoE, is a disruptive change to the systems and forms of daily life that we know. It will change the way we learn, work … it will change our lives. The human API will allow us to interact with several connected systems in much deeper ways and probably without the need for any conscious action.

Biometrics will have a stellar role including in the analysis: gestures, emotions, expressions and more human aspects that perfect the automated reactions of the systems to complement, facilitate and improve the experience or support for our activities.

As an example, the FLAIM Trainer® is a technological innovation project developed by the Deakin University in Australlia. This project uses virtual reality, biometric sensors and data analysis to redesign the firefighters’ training. This technology reproduces all the forces and elements that impact a fireman, connecting the virtual and the physical. It allows firefighters to train in dangerous scenarios that are difficult, costly and environmentally damaging to reproduce them in reality. It incorporates a patented tissue of digital biological sensitivity developed by NTT, called Hitoe ™, which provides real-time data on the vital signs of firefighters. These data allow instructors to assess the physical fitness and mental state of the firefighter in any fire scenario.

Video FLAIM Trainer

Technology is always accompanied by new challenges, challenges that mark new horizons, adding new steps for creation, organization and sustainability of an organization over time.

During this 2019, there will be interesting technological developments that will give impetus to the business sector. The important thing is to know, understand and keep track of them. They represent a great opportunity and are essential elements to mark the direction towards the future of your organization.


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