Entrepreneurs that aim to change the world

cambiar el mundo tecnologia

Entrepreneurship is the result of the concern of a person who, individually or in group, identifies and develops products or services that can help meet needs, desires or solve problems.

That’s what I want to talk about today, people with concerns that have decided to turn their ideas into projects that aim to change the world and make it a better place…


Trees that shine in the dark

And no, it’s not about artificial trees …

Entrepreneurs Daan Roosegaarde and Alexander Krichevsky have developed a method to make tree leaves shine in the dark in a way that is very similar to jellyfish.

It may seem crazy. And the truth is that it may be a crazy idea, but it has not been made only because of the enthusiasm of its creators, since they already have the first prototype of the project. It is still a small plant, which has been given to the genome of the chloroplast, the DNA of luminescent marine bacteria, using a process called “Splicing”.

This project has been supported by the University of New York and also by the company Bioglow of Krichevysky. And it is not surprising at all, since these two entrepreneurs finally managed to market their project and take it to the streets of cities. We are talking about a great saving of energy and, therefore, a great benefit for the economy and the environment.


Bulbs that do not require electricity

Stephen Katsaros is the founder of Nokero International. This company is building a better, more durable and solar powered bulb for the use of 1.6 billion people around the world who live without electricity.

“To put light in the dark” is the motto of its movement that is able to change the life of the people who live in places where electricity does not arrive. This allows getting education, work, and said in short, having a better future perspective.




Mick Donegan is the founder and director of SpecialEffect, a child care institution dedicated to using cutting-edge technology to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities.
More specifically, the organization helps young people with severe disabilities to play and enjoy computer games.

It may seem a minor issue, but for a person with a disability it is especially important to do things that other people can do. In this sense, for a child with a serious disability it is very important to play computer games as it is done by other children.

This fact makes them change their mood, makes them feel like other children, and therefore helps them overcome their disability.



The Dabbawalas of Mumbai

An example of an especially interesting and hopeful entrepreneurial model is that of Dabbawalas in Mumbai. It shows that in places where poverty still wins the battle, brilliant and spectacular initiatives can emerge.

It is a food distribution service from home to work or study places.
Its operational model is the subject of study by the largest multinational companies, since it achieves a virtually zero error rate in the more than 200,000 daily deliveries they make. Even with some precarious meals, collapsed cities, and a very small time window. All the elements involved must be properly synchronized so that the requested food arrives at the appropriate time.

I leave you the link of a video explaining this extraordinary model in detail:



Behind the startup Canva is Melanie Perkins, who has developed a free online graphic design program (to be exact with a freemium business model) that is used by nearly 10 million people.

10 million graphic designers? NO! Canva is used by all kinds of people. And the tool allows every user to make infographics in a simple way, design campaigns of ads on Facebook with templates and give it infinity of uses.

With Canva, Perkins, little by little is democratizing graphic design. It’s a success, as there are not many opportunities on the market that can democratize a sector at this time.



Biotechnological fertilizers that fight against climate change

Climate change is one of the biggest problems in the world that we must face and stop. Projects like the one of the entrepreneur Ramon Bacre leaves the door of hope open.

This Mexican entrepreneur has based his project on the biocarbon, which has been enriched with microorganisms to improve their qualities as a fertilizer, thus competing with other fertilizers with the added value of eliminating CO2 from the atmosphere.

Bacre has, with its project, the objective of reducing the carbon present in the atmosphere through a sustainable business model.



All the examples that we have analyzed, have in common: their entrepreneurial spirit, their great creative capacity and the tenacity necessary to realize their dreams.

But above all, they have in common the fact of trying to make the world a little better place. It is worth supporting these initiatives.

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